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Premier Outdoor Luxury

Redesigned Homes LLC Is an Authorized Dealer of Poly Concepts Products—the Last Outdoor Furniture You’ll Ever Need

What Makes Poly Concepts Furniture Different?

Our entire line of outdoor furniture is constructed from Andure®, a specially formulated polypropylene material that offers superior performance compared to traditional outdoor furniture.


With the substantial weight of our product and unique wind-bearing designs, our furniture is much less likely to tip or blow in the wind. Our products are low-maintenance, making them ideal for healthcare, hospitality, recreational, and residential customers.

More Durable

Outdoor exposure research has concluded that polypropylene material remarkably outperforms wood and metals used in outdoor furniture. That’s why Poly Concepts products will not peel, chip, fade, crack, yellow or require painting…ever.

Mother Nature Proof

Rain or shine, snow or ice, our furniture endures all of the elements, which means your furniture can stay outdoors 365 days a year. Our products also have a high tolerance to UV exposure, which keeps the furniture from getting hot in direct sunlight.

Ultimate Comfort. Lowest Maintenance. All Weather Furniture.

Multiple Styles, Multiple Colors

1. Choose Your Back Style

Multiple Styles, Multiple Colors

2. Select Your Seat Style

Multiple Styles, Multiple Colors

3. Pick Your Frame and Seat/Back Colors

Our Commitments


Our products are 100% recyclable and emit no VOC’s or toxins. In fact, material not used in finished products is recycled back into raw material.


Residential and commercial customers choose Poly Concepts products because they come with an unbeatable 10 year warranty.

American Made

All Poly Concepts products are manufactured in a family owned and operated facility located in St. Henry, Ohio.


Our furniture can feature most names or logos. Just ask!

Perfect for Pools & Lakes

All Poly Concepts furniture is waterproof, mold-resistant, and weatherproof. Our products even float!

“How Can I Order Poly Concepts Products from Redesigned Homes LLC?”

Our products are one of a kind, which means they are not one size fits all. Every Poly Concepts product, from chairs to tables, can be customized with different styles, colors, and even decals so they are perfect for your home, business, or organization.


First, have an idea of what styles and colors you want.

Check out the galleries above for inspiration!


Second, reach out to us and set up a free consultation or request a catalog.

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 937-603-7026.


Third, we’ll give you a quote after our appointment.

With countless customization options, no two orders are the same!

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